After I received the Ethnic and Community Center Academic Achievement Award, Stanford VPGE News asked me about my work with El Centro Chicano y Latino.

Stanford News covered the Climate Risk Management study where my colleagues and I found that, during wildfires, the way Californians perceive of and respond to the risks from wildfire smoke was shaped by their own senses and information from their social networks.

I spoke with Stanford News about how the Biden administration can apply scientific research to advance environmental justice.

Stanford Earth News interviewed me for the article, ‘What does it mean to be Latinx in the geosciences?’

Stanford News covered the Environmental Epidemiology study where we found higher risk of preterm birth among people living near oil wells in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Several news outlets discussed our findings, including the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Grist, Capital and Main, Inside Climate News, and Yale e360.

I spoke with the Goggles Optional podcast about a study in Environmental Research where my colleagues and I found widespread mercury exposure among women of reproductive age in the Peruvian Amazon.

The New York Times covered a report I co-wrote with the Yale Global Health Justice Project, in collaboration with the ACLU, where we found that scientifically unsound quarantine policies in some U.S. states impaired the capacity of international medical organizations to mount a response to the 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic in West Africa.